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Every business, and every business person needs a well-designed business card. Ideally, your card should be similar to your banner ad design and any leaflets you print. The secret of good advertising is to have a recognizable brand that tells the customer who you are and what you do and creates a lasting memory.

Business cards are a wallet-sized advertisement for your business. They should convey key contact information as well as your logo and be in line with your branding so that your image is consistent across all platforms, whether print or digital. Set your business card apart from the rest by saying goodbye to traditional paper business cards and saying hello to metal, laminate or credit card-type business cards. Not only will you stand out, but your card will be less likely to be thrown away or jammed into an already crowded wallet or briefcase!

Make sure spelling is perfect and names are correct and that any website address is current and you will look truly professional. There is nothing worse than a business card or leaflet with crossed out phone numbers or web addresses.