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To create a brilliant banner ad you will need to do some planning and a little research. Begin by looking at where you want your ad to go and the size you want it to be. Next try to find some similar examples. See what works and what does not. Aim for clarity and simplicity. A messy, cluttered banner can put clients off. Less is always more where ad banners are concerned and detail can be provided via a link to your website or blog.

Spend time thinking what text you will put into your banner. Decide if you want moving animation or not and make sure that any pictures you use are uploaded in JPEG or GIF form. You will want to keep things simple and clutter free. Limit your color scheme to two or three colors and avoid red. Blue, green and yellow all work well. If you have company colors you should use them.

Now work on your layout until you get something you would like to see. If you and others in the office like the banner, the chances are that prospective clients will be drawn to it as well.

Making use of strategies such as a “submit” or “click through” button is a great idea to draw your audience in. Be sure however, that any links you use work and go straight to where your client thinks they will take them.

It is also a good idea to brand your banner with your company logo as when the logo is well designed it will make it look really professional.