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Psssst! What’s that? Curious? That’s what local lead generating (or lead capture) does – it creates a buzz, a curiosity, almost like dangling a carrot. In other words, lead generation is a way to cultivate a consumer’s interest.

Instead of advertising in the traditional sense, digital lead generation creates lists of potential clients in addition to your current client base. Whether you’re hitting social media or through your own website, studies have shown that almost 78% of people are more likely to respond to emails rather than the traditional days of mailers, advertisements and cold calls. Why? With the advent of the digital age, your business is right at a consumer’s fingertips and vice-versa making digital lead generation highly effective in converting leads into sales.

So, how do you generate leads that could potentially result in sales? Once you’ve got a great website, effective lead generation services will ensure that you take advantage of the three top ways to cultivate a mailing list, namely:

  1. Direct traffic to your website,
  2. High ranking search engine results
  3. Web referrals that give consumers the chance to make recommendations about your goods and services.


local lead generation services

Lead Generation for Real Estate

Whether you’re buying or selling, in Vancouver or St. John’s, the Canadian real estate market is an ever-evolving entity, so you need to be on top of your market with effective real estate lead generation strategies.
Comprehensive market research will identify the most effective ways to turn real estate leads into real estate sales. One thing is for sure, the real estate market is never boring, so having effective lead generation services will optimize the tools you need for maximum digital lead generation whether the market is hot or cold.

real estate lead generation

Business Leads for sale

Confused? Don’t be. Believe it or not, there are many businesses who specialize in selling business leads. It can be a great investment to buy business leads because it can save a huge amount of time (and money) when you’re trying to reach your target market. Rather than doing your own market research (or in addition to), these businesses have already done the heavy lifting for you which means you can focus your time and efforts on that comprehensive list of sales leads by tailoring your lead generating strategies to that group.

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Qualified Leads

What is a qualified lead? A qualified lead is a potential customer who has expressed an interest in your product or service and meets the general economic criteria to make that purchase. So, what does that mean? It means that potential customer is one step closer to being a qualified sales lead. Knowing how to generate leads effectively by using all of the available digital tools at your disposal is the first step in turning potential leads into qualified leads and ultimately, into qualified sales leads which means more happy customers!

qualified sales leads