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Commercial Video production is a very powerful tool available to the modern business owner. It has always been a powerful tool, but in the past decade it has grown into a media necessity. What has changed that makes this, once expensive and exclusive form of advertising, a modern media staple? Technology has changed.


We live in an audio/video world. The devices to make videos have advanced to the point where people can make their own personal videos and blast them on sites like YouTube for the world to see. While an amateur video is not an acceptable outlet for business; it does make consumers expect to see video/audio productions and not simple print materials.



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Everyone  is online today. From young children, to senior citizens; we are on our laptops, smartphones, tablets and gaming systems. All of these outlets, plus the various social media sites are available to a business for their use. A message can be sent to consumers in 15 to 60 seconds. In seconds you can show them your product and your business name and contact information. The message has so many outlets that a single commercial can literally be viewed millions of times. A well written, professionally designed commercial video production will always drive sales. But never before has the commercial video been this powerful. In today’s society, marketing firms are working to keep up with the advancements of technology and commercial video production is coming out in the lead as the most profitable way to advertise.