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You only get one chance to make a great impression! That is a simple fact that businesses around the world recognize to be true. So how do you ensure that the one shot at making that business connection is a success? You pull out all the stops. The wonderful thing about using event and seminars as a business tool is you know the people attending have at least some interest in your product or service.


You put out the word about the event and seminar and people who are interested come to “check you out”. So then what? You can get up there and give it your best sales pitch, but by the time you are finished you have lost the majority of the audience. People coming to an event or seminar are there to learn something. They want to know what you have and how it benefits them. They will smell a sales pitch from the parking lot.

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To grab the attention of the audience and keep it, videography is the key. The benefit is immediate sensory absorption. There is no reason to sell them; they can see for themselves how this will work out for them. Photography has always been a huge part of marketing. Whether the photographs create curiosity or induce desire, photographs are powerful marketing tools. The use of videography and photography in the setting of an event or seminar is a proven marketing strategy. With today’s technology, the successes of these tools are limitless.