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It’s common knowledge that Facebook is the most popular social media site ever created. Furthermore, we know that businesses are looking more and more towards Facebook as a highly successful marketing tool and that Facebook is changing the way businesses are marketing their products and services, right around the globe. Facebook offers highly targeted advertising to reach your intended audience, not necessarily the widest audience, because marketing trends have shown that more eyes don’t necessarily translate to more sales.


Like most social media sites, Facebook is a relationship-building tool. Facebook is also a great way to provide updated information about your business and services with quick posts without having to actually update your website, which could be a more time-consuming and less cost-effective process. By letting your audience know your latest business news on your Facebook page, clients can easily share their recommendations with their friends by “liking” and “following” you. As that old saying goes....“and they told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on....”for the digital age!


facebook for business


Facebook is a “relationship” building site. By advertising in your business, on your printed materials, and via email that you are available on Facebook, clients will visit you and build their relationship. Interaction with-in the site makes it stronger. Facebook is an easy share and the clients who like what you are offering will share it with their friends. The recommendation coming from someone they know makes them more likely to try your business and then they will share as well. The ripple effect is massive and you profit from it. Facebook is a media giant and it is at your fingertips!