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So you’re thinking about using social media to increase your small business and you’re wondering what social media platform you should use. While Facebook and Twitter are pretty much standard operating procedure, Flickr might be another route to go, depending on your business and target market. With a video and photo community of more than 50 million registered users, Flickr attracts around 80 million viewers a month. And while it’s not generally the place to make hard sells, you can still build your brand and make connections with like-minded businesses and consumers using pictures and videos to get your name out into the Flickrsphere!


Your best advertising is not to advertise. This is where you truly build communities; by joining groups and piquing peoples’ interest; getting feedback and creating an environment of mutual learning and discovery. And just like those “other guys”, Flickr can still be used in tandem with other sites and social media platforms. Who knows? The great idea you’ve been searching for might just be where you least expect it! Welcome to the Flickrsphere!