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Instagram is one of the fastest growing, if not THE fastest growing, social media platforms. Extremely popular with the 18-35 year old age group, it’s not just about posting pictures of pool parties and “selfies” anymore. Make no mistake, Instagram is becoming more and more widely-used by international companies such as Starbucks, Nike and Nordstrom to use pictures to tell stories and sell their products. A well-timed, strategic post with high quality, beautiful images can help build your name and brand on Instagram.

 instagram for business

Instagram is also becoming a great way to cross-promote other businesses while generating a name for your own business. By tagging each other and helping to promote one another, businesses get a bigger bang for their advertising dollar. For example, if you’re in the doggy daycare business and you use a particular kind of shampoo for grooming, tagging that manufacturer or distributor will result in a reciprocal and cost-effective advertising campaign and a greater share of your market. Get onboard the Instagram Train!

Instagram is going to be a big player in the marketing field. Now is the time to get involved.