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youtube advertising

YouTube Marketing for businesses

YouTube stands next to Google as the world’s second largest search engine, while remaining the largest video site. If you’re looking to expand the reach of your online presence, then it’s time to get your business on YouTube and start advertising. We will create a highly effective YouTube marketing campaign as part of your overall marketing package.

Video Optimization

Uploading your video is one thing; optimizing it is another. This requires some specific research and process implementation including keyword research and optimization for video titles, tags, annotations and descriptions. We’ll set up and optimize your business videos while customizing your YouTube channel with branded art to enhance your presence.

YouTube Analytics

We can help you put proper tracking in place so as to eliminate ineffective advertising; determine which channels produce the greatest ROI, analyze your marketing performance and discover the true cost-per-lead. We ensure that your online marketing is properly measured and we use that data to continually enhance your YouTube business experience and presence.

Unlike television, YouTube can help you in targeting your ad specifically to your target audience. If you’re already using Google AdWords, we can show you how to connect YouTube with Google AdWords for an even more targeted campaign.