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Making a website mobile friendly is almost a necessity these days. Sometimes when you’re designing a new website it can be easy to forget that you need to optimize the site for mobile use as well. Since there are so many people that use their phones to browse the internet there are a few things that we want to focus on when designing your website. While we want your mobile site to grab your audience’s attention, we don’t assume that your audience are in a rush and on the go just because they are using their. You don’t need to “dumb down” your website because you think that is what the user wants. Instead, we make your website display nicely across all devices.

responsive design for website

When we are planning your site design, we use the concept that ‘less is more.’ We make your site simple and easy to navigate. That will make both your mobile user’s experience enjoyable while also simplifying the experience for computer users. We like to use large fonts and make all buttons easy to tap on mobile devices. There are different programs we can use that will automatically detect what platform your users are on and adjusts the screen proportions to match that device. This feature also allows your users to easily zoom in and out of your website to add to the ease of use.



We always make the important information easily accessible on your mobile website. If you have contact information or directions available on your site, we make sure they are at the top of the page and are noticeable. If you offer maps along with directions, we make sure the link is front and center as well. Next, we add other important information that your reader may be looking for. After the most important information is where it should be, we add in more entertaining elements.

We Provide


Mobile Friendly Design

All of our Web products, no matter the price you investested, will be design for all laptop and mobile devices. Did you know recent Google algorithm mandates websites to be mobile and tablet friendly to rank better in search engines?

Sales Machine

We have unique expertise to make the most of what your business can do. Unlike most web designers that act as a techy person who knows computer language only. We are Top Marketers that know what will bring you real results.

Website Redesign

We can renovate your website without having to go through a new website design and all its extra efforts & costs. Let's turn your existing website and turn it into a dynamic and lead Generating Machine.

Professional presence

People judge on how professional you present your business. That determines if they will pick the phone and call you or move on to the next person. With our website redesign package you will get all important conversion factors.


This adds to the likelihood that a user will stay on you site longer. Load time is another important thing to pay attention to when we’re creating your mobile site. Users want to have access to the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. If the website is taking forever to load, your users will probably leave your site and find the information elsewhere. To make sure you retain as many users as possible, we test the load speed of your mobile site and try to lower it if it is taking too long. Most people don’t want to wait more than 6 seconds for a site to load. We try to streamline what is necessary on your site and get rid of any extras that may slow your site down. We make sure to always test every element of your website on a mobile device. This will make it easy for us to know what changes to make. If your site is not easy to navigate or the flow feels off, we aren’t afraid to make as many changes as we need. Chances are if it is difficult for us to use your customers will not have a good experience either.