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Voice Search S.E.O: Is it important and Can It help your Business Grow?

Voice Search is a unique sector of SEO. Internet users rely on voice software to find information. Editing your business to match the system’s interests is now crucial. 

The Importance of SEO

How crucial is this new SEO subsection? Should it be considered the new top priority for any aspiring online marketer? Or should it be treated as just a fad until proven otherwise? Neither question is quite the right one. One major positive aspect of voice search software is that the software is currently facing major growth. Most top marketing agencies now claim that Half of all searches will be voice based starting this year in 2020. Voice based smart speakers like Amazon echo have had huge sales over the last few years, with roughly 100 million of them in service across the world at the end of 2018. And among users of smart speakers, 72% of them claim that voice searches are part of their daily routine.

The results are in, little doubt is left, voice searching is going to be an integral part of how customers find businesses and information for at least the next few years, if not decades. However, it is important to remember that this is still a new brand new segment of the search engine industry, and trending lightly is key. Siri, the original voice-based service, only debuted in 2011. Smart speakers only really began to come on the market in 2017. And much like many new technologies, voice search tech is being used primarily by younger demographics. So much about the voice search sector of SEO could still change, not enough is known for any one marketer to claim they understand everything about it. Because of this, no one should think Voice search SEO can be a replacement to other SEO factors, it should not be your only marketing tool, but rather one in a much bigger tool kit.

 No matter any doubt that may rest in Voice Search SEO, not starting a voice search strategy would be a major mistake. Modifying your business content to better optimize for voice searches can range from easy, very quick steps to major modifications and updates. If you are a business or an individual looking to better optimize your content, a few definite things have to be kept in mind.

The first is to modify your keywords and titles to match voice-related speech. For example, traditional write-up searches might ask something like ‘good flower shops Toronto’ but a voice search would typically phrase it as ‘where could I find a great flower store near me?’. It may seem trivial, but altering articles to match this new wording can have majorly positive effects.

Updating and expanding on your business location and coverage can help, as voice searches are three times more likely to be phrased as “_________’s near me”. If you can present yourself as a local serving business, then you’ll pop up more often in local customer voice searches. Finally, make sure your articles are clear and cover the major topics quickly. Begin most articles with descriptions of the main topic as this allows voice search engines to take these first sentences and quote them directly to voice search customers. 

Additional Info

All this Voice search SEO and more optimized coverage services can be done for your business with Canada Create. For additional info and marketing consultation, feel free to contact us at or call us at 416-273-9030. 


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