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Grasshopper Solar: New Trends

Grasshopper Solar: New Trends


Grasshopper Solar introduces Toronto Residents with innovative solar energy resources. The world is progressively embracing sustainability and renewable energy resources like solar panels, and Grasshopper Solar provides everything from commercial to residential installation, maintenance, and direct purchase programs.

Case Study: Grasshopper Solar

Within a year, residential solar panel installations have nearly doubled. Nearly 300,000 homes have switched to solar power, and today there are over 1.6 million solar installations in the US. The market for solar panels is growing, and one of Grasshopper Solar's main goals is to distinguish themselves from other competitors. Grasshopper Solar also set goals to achieve an increased in lead generation, increased conversion rate, and expansion of their large scale projects.


  • Increase closing rates
  • Increase leads
  • Expand large scale projects


  • Ease of inquiry and communication: Grasshopper Solar's redesigned website puts user experience at the forefront, allowing them to inquire about roof qualifications, finance programs, and commissioning. The easily accessible contact page allows for an easy line of communication, assessment meetings and solar panel inquiries are maximized to increase closing rates and improve profits.
  • Local SEO: Grasshopper Solar's Google Business listing was optimized and monitored to improve map related rankings. In-depth keyword research was used to write meta content for key conversion pages in order to match with the identified targeted search queries.
  • Content Creation: Through content creation of articles, infographics, and imagery, Grasshopper Solars's strengths as a leader in the Solar Panel industry shines through. Their informative webpages about residential installations, large scale projects, the benefits of solar energy, and news in the industry exhibit the company's expertise, experience, and knowledge that culminate in a contractor that any customer can trust.


By carrying out these new online marketing techniques, Grasshopper Solar increased lead generation by 260%, increased their closing rate by 220%, and their greatest accomplishment: increasing their large scale projects by 290%.


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