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Green Garden Florist: E-Commerce & Branding

Green Garden Florist: E-Commerce & Branding

Lead Generation

Green Garden Florist provides clients with top of the line flowers, succulents, bouquets, and more. Green Garden Florist wanted a smooth shopping system for their clients that featured great images of their floral products. For this client, a functional system is key to increasing conversion and online sales.

As Green Garden Florist grows, the company outlines the objective to increase sales, grow their clientele, and create a distinct brand image.


Case Study: Green Garden Florist

As Green Garden Florists moves with the constant changing needs of a diverse clientele, their next move is to update the systematic flow and design of their e-commerce website. With an updated design, a variety of beautiful products, and ease of payments, Green Garden Florist aims to increase conversion rates of browsing shoppers and build upon their growing clientele.


  • Increase conversion rate

  • Build Clientele

  • Create distinct brand image


  • Local SEO: Green Garden Florist's Google Business listing was optimized and monitored to improve map related rankings. In-depth keyword research was used to write meta content for key conversion pages in order to match with the identified targeted search queries. This attracts new clients and builds upon their growing clientele.

  • Functional e-commerce design: Consumers look for an easy and functional method of online e-commerce shopping, and this is usually a main factor of converting clients to make the purchase. The site features a smooth system of purchase to keep the clientele coming back

  • Clean imagery, a fresh logo, and original content writing puts an identity to the Green Garden Florist's brand. One that both clientele and businesses will remember as transparent, fresh, and unlike any other florist or flower business


With a new functional e-commerce system, Green Garden Florist increased conversion rate of buyers by 280%. Green Garden Florist's customer return rate has increased by 60% and sign up rate by 120%.


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